Car Park Surfacing / Repair / Lining

Truvelo has been installing speed camera sites in the UK for nearly 30 years. Each and every site has white lining, something that we have always carried out using our in-house personnel.

Truvelo is now proud to offer a nationwide service to supply and install white lining and thermoplastic road markings.

If your existing parking area fails to meet your needs, we can work with you to make the necessary changes and ensure that it is fit for purpose

•Maintenance and repair

•White Lining

•TSRGD Compliant Road Markings to vehicle routes and Walkways

•Pedestrian Crossings


•EV bays

•Patching potholes and other damage using the latest approved technology

•Infill of surface ruts caused by wear

Please contact us here for further information or to arrange for a demonstration. For expert advice please call 020 8847 4400.