D-Cam speed & red light camera


Digital speed & redlight camera

Truvelo D-Cam describes a family of digital speed and red light cameras that are available with differing speed measurement technologies. All feature Truvelos unique single- photo secondary speed check verification method. All systems also deliver a choice of front or rear photography. For accuracy, versatility and innovation look no further. Various speed measuring technologies available including piezo sensors (D-Cam P) and laser (D-Cam L).

The Truvelo “D-Cam”  is a dual capability speed & red light camera which uses a single colour camera for coverage of three lanes of traffic. It is a permanent “automatic unattended”  camera,  able to provide  front or rear photography with a single photo for speed violations in both cases,  and  a  pair of  rear  photos for red light offences. The same camera can be used at speed only sites or at combined speed/red light sites. Three sub-surface sensors are used for speed measurement and vehicle  classification.

Speed & Red Light Sites

The sensors are positioned before the “Stop” line with the secondary check lines beyond the “Stop” line.  A 1.8m check line is painted at 750mm beyond the “Stop” line with supplementary lines 18cm either side.  The front wheels will fall within the area of the three lines to provide a visual proof of the secondary check.  Also, the delay time between the speed measurement and the photo capture is recorded on the image to allow a speed calculation. The “D-Cam” will act as a  speed camera during the green and amber phases and for the first second of red time.

The “D-Cam” can store up to 100,000 encrypted and signed images but in reality the images will be transmitted over an ADSL/3G connection in real time to the back-office. Alternatively they can be downloaded on site to a Shuttle PC and returned to the back-office.

Camera Post

The specially designed “Integra-Post” features a combined camera housing to provide greater vandal resistance  and  a  modern  streamlined appearance.

The floor of the camera housing acts as a shelf for the camera and lowers to provide easy access to the camera.  All the required camera equipment and data storage is contained within the “D-Cam”.  There  is  no  roadside  cabinet  full  of vulnerable electronics.  A remote auxiliary flash is employed to provide optimum image quality.

Camera lowers for easy access on UK style Integra & Cyclops housings.

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