LASERcam 4 LIDAR Speedmeter with Video

To date, Roads Police and Safety Camera Partnerships have had to enforce with their own specialist dedicated mobile equipment. Until now, that is.

LASERcam 4 is not a further development of existing technology, it is a completely new product built for the 21st Century. Truvelo sees LASERcam 4 as a part of a whole new game-changing system which will dramatically alter your approach to speed enforcement across your entire force.

LASERcam 4 will be equally at home with Safety Camera Partnerships as it will with Roads Policing units. The system brings new levels of performance, portability and flexibility. Industry-leading motorcycle enforcement, no problem. Best available low light / black-out enforcement, you've got it.

LASERcam 4 is a genuine replacement for mobile enforcement systems historically used by Safety Camera Partnerships; it will outperform predecessor and competitor product, whether used in the back of an enforcement van, on a tripod or monopod mounted at the side of the road, or simply handheld.

With ever-more emphasis being put on the need for a high quality video clip as supporting evidence to support Roads Policing units, LASERcam 4 will fit the bill perfectly as the only genuine “cross-over” product available to the industry.

LASERcam 4 paves the way for collaborations as never seen before. Offences can be processed simply by existing Central Ticketing Office personnel with either StarTraq or EROS.

LASERcam 4's lack of any physical recording medium presents a huge cost and efficiency saving right from day one. Now your operation can work smarter than ever before with LASERcam 4. No internal mail, no blue-ray back up, no physical storage space requirements. Original evidence which is compact enough to email to court in advance.


In conjunction with Truvelo's In Car Video System and Violation Management System, LASERcam 4 will deliver the most complete package to future proof your mobile enforcement strategy. 


  • Based on the award-winning ProLaser 4
  • Auto-focus, auto-exposure and electronic zoom
  • Superior Sony day / night video camera
  • AutotrakTM video zooms with target tracking, optimizing target size in the video clip
  • 36x optical magnification delivers;
    • 200 metre video range (legible license plate) when operated handheld!
    • 350 metre video range when tripod / monopod mounted!
    • 450+ metre video range when deployed in yoke / telephoto converter!
  • Self-contained interchangeable battery has the capacity for an entire shift! 
    • No more floor mounted batteries with a cable.
  • Large hi-res touch screen display
  • IR enforcement capable
  • Easily stowed in a motorcycle pannier
  • No consumables or removable media
    • Evidence is stored on internal memory and transferred to the back office via a docking station.
  • In excess of 8 hours of continuous recording time – equivalent to 2000 typical offences
  • Compatible with any all back office processing software applications within the UK (StarTraq, EROS)
  • Or we can output evidence for manual processing.

Please contact us here for further information or to arrange for a demonstration. For expert advice please call 020 8847 4400.