ProLaser 4 LIDAR Speedmeter

ProLaser 4 is the very latest Laser speedmeter to be Home Office Type Approved in the UK and so is the sole “next gen” device on the market.

ProLaser 4 is being increasingly used by UK police to deliver a very targetted approach to speed enforcement just when they need it during lockdown. See the results for yourselves herehere and here. In all instances you can see evidence of super-high speed targets being acquired at great ranges. The unique count-up timer and lock function assist with the provision of irrefutable evidence.

Superior optics, advanced software and narrower beam width provide unmatched performance; ProLaser 4 allows the operator to acquire targets without the need for a tripod or shoulder stock in under a second in real world conditions. All the way up to the maximum range of the laser. Even non-reflecting targets such as approaching motorcycles!


• Narrowest beam width on the market
• Powered by 4 AA batteries
• Compact size and side-by-side lenses for excellent balance
• LED rear display is clearly legible in all conditions
• 1:1 Head-Up Display eliminates eye strain
• Selectable illuminated aiming reticles for pinpoint targeting
• Simple, intuitive push button user interface with dual purpose buttons
• Speed and Range can be displayed in HUD
• Single and Continuous modes
• New enforcement limit feature allows speeds to be automatically locked instantaneously upon acquisition
• Count-up timer from previous offence



• Hard transit case
• Soft bag
• Motorcycle tank bag
• Neck strap
• Tripod mount
• Shoulder stock
• Datalogger software

See what those evaluating ProLaser 4 have said about it:

“We've had this on trial here for the last few days. We have compared it with the XXXX and in terms of reliability and consistency it is far superior, particularly out on the trunk roads. It is quite staggering the difference between the two. The Prolaser reads the speed on every vehicle it is directed at and is picking them at distances far in excess of the capabilities of the XXXX. Basically, we need a Prolaser 4 as soon as possible.”

Please contact us here for further information or to arrange for a demonstration. For expert advice please call 020 8847 4400.