ProLite+ handheld binocular speedmeter


  • Small. Rugged. Easy.
  • Just Point and Shoot.

Small yet powerful, the Pro-Lite+ delivers exceptional performance and target accuracy in a compact, binocular style form.

The Head-Up Display (HUD) is designed to provide 1:1 viewing for precise targeting. In conjunction with the HUD, the illuminated aiming reticle and audible tone provide you complete confidence in target identification.

Secure school and construction zones against violators. In critical areas, set minimum and maximum target ranges.


  • Fast target specific acquisition
    • Head-Up Display provides 1:1 viewing for precise target identification and to minimize eye fatigue
    • Pinpoint targeting with illuminated aiming reticle
    • Audio tone feedback indicates target acquisition
  • Adjustable HUD brightness, backlight brightness and volume
  • Continuous Tracking history. Speed display updates current target speed 3 times per second
  • Simple 4-button user interface
  • LCD Active Matrix display
  • Display backlit for night time operations
  • Binocular form for better balance
  • Selectable direction: Approaching, Receding or Both
  • Selectable minimum and maximum target ranges
  • Stopwatch mode for average speed over distance
  • IP55 protection against water and dust
  • Two (2) AA batteries provide over 20 hours of operation
  • Lanyard neck strap


  • Lightweight, durable construction with ruggedized rubber cladding protects sensitive components


  • PC to Laser interface cable
  • LaserStat traffic statistical Windows-based software
  • Tripod