TruSign 30R Speed Indication Device (SID)

TruSign 30R Speed Indicator Device (SID)

Why opt for old-fashioned 7-segment displays when an LED array allows you to customise your messages and display custom pictograms? Unlike Vehicle Activated Signs based on TSRGD roundels, TruSign, being a Speed Indication Device or SID, ‘talks’ directly to an individual motorist and has been seen to have a far greater positive impact.

TruSign 30R is our lowest-cost amber-only version of the very latest LED array-based Speed Indication Devices (SIDs).

TruSign 30CR is ultra-reliable. Many thousands have been installed and the mean time between failure is truly exceptional. Modern day LEDs and radars are super-efficient and rated for upwards of 100,000 hours.

TruSign 30R can be pole, bracket or tripod mounted, and powered by battery, mains or solar panel, all with optional uninterruptable power supply. The solar unit is by far the most popular option due to the low cost and ease of installation compared with a mains version. When installed with retention sockets, it is a one-person job to relocate TruSign from one site to another to further extend the deterrent effect around your site or village.

Delivered preconfigured to your precise requirements, you can update TruSign 30R using a Bluetooth connection for ease of use in the field!

Ideal for Community Speed Watch, school zones, university campuses, private roads, quarries, industrial sites, villages and busy residential areas. 

TruSign 30R features 30cm digits and built-in radar for speed measurement. Weighing in at only 4Kg, TruSign 30R can easily be used as a mobile unit with a stand.

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